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Serious problems with Childrens Services.

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susan444 Sun 14-Dec-14 17:25:57

Childrens Services have prevented me and my partner from returning to our home after I had a mental breakdown following memories of sex abuse from my step brother while I was 6 - 9 yrs Old. Social Services have placed my husband (seperated 2yrs) and my mother in the house and I can only see them in a contact centre, and not at all over Christmas. There are now pages and pages of lies, supposition and false allegations being made against us both. Everyone who knows us is supporting us, nobody believes a word of what they are coming up with. I have a solicitor who doesn't seem to be doing very much. I have asked for all information they have under the Data Protection Act 1998 but they are sure to try and stall it. I have read soms horrific experiences suffered by victims of Social Services.
We now realise how many people's lives have been ruined and would like help in exposing some of the dubious methods these people use, for whatever reason, it certainly doesn't amount to the sort of justice we expect in the UK.
If anyone has any ideas how we can progress, or a sympathetic journalist, as so many of our friends have urged us to fight, not just for us but for those people who don't have the heart to fight at their weakest moments, and just 'roll over;

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