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Court order on contact centre access

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TheJourney22 Sat 13-Dec-14 19:50:43

Ok so for various reasons my brother is only granted by a court order 2hrs every fortnight in a contact centre to see his daughter & Skype contact 1x a week on a Friday. This is fine as it was better than nothing and its a court order.

So far (& this was only granted 6 weeks ago) he has only seen his daughter ONCE at the contact centre as the Mother has made an excuse as to why (the child, my niece, brothers daughter) can't be there ... For example, it's too cold to go out, can't get there, the mother is at work so can't drop daughter at contact centre etc ....

Today my brother was heart broken as she made yet another excuse (she couldn't drive her there)

If there is a court order (which my brother paid for in excess of £7.5k by the way) what can be done if anything?!?!

Surely the mother is breaking the court order??

Anyone any advice??

26Point2Miles Sat 13-Dec-14 23:53:36

Keep a log of it to submit to court, can be self represent to keep costs down?

TheJourney22 Sun 14-Dec-14 08:50:29

He can't self represent, he's not that clever!!!

So basically all you can do is keep a log of it?

duckduckgoose1 Sun 14-Dec-14 10:04:11

You don't need to be clever to self represent. He and only he knows the details of his case better than anyone. More and more people self represent now and Courts are sympathetic to it and will explain the process as you go along.

If he struggles with the paperwork side of things could you perhaps assist him? You ( or a relative or friend) can go with him to Court and even into the hearing if you want to assist him with paperwork/difficult decisions- you can't speak for him though.

duckduckgoose1 Sun 14-Dec-14 10:04:45

No, you keep a log of it and then you apply back to Court.

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