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redundancy - should bought back holiday be counted against gardening leave?

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manechanger Thu 04-Dec-14 12:10:26

at my dhs firm (he is on gardening leave having been made redundant) final date middle of this month, holiday accrued is taken during gardening leave.

We bought extra holiday at the beginning of the year (5 extra days I think) Costs us 75 per month. It seems ok to make staff take holiday during gardening leave but seems to put him at a disadvantage compared to others in same situation if he then has to take extra holiday bought back. I can't find any reference to it on the contract and he deals with hr and says suck it up.

I know you should get redundancy checked by solicitor but he is getting above minimum and we don't want to spend any money. Is it worth getting this checked? or will extra holiday also count in the same way as normal holiday?

Do we just suck it up? if so, this seems a negative aspect of holiday buy back, not sure I'd do it again.

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