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Schedule 1 of the Children Act

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Karenthetoadslayer Mon 24-Nov-14 12:24:43

Ex and I have tried in mediation to settle outside court, but now our positions are entrenched and it seems that I will have to issue proceedings this week. His position is that I will not receive anything except for accommodation and CM for the children. My TOLATA rights are not clear and I am not sure if I will take my chances on TOLATA.

TOLATA aside, in a situation where there are funds available for the children to fund reasonable requirements, such as furniture (has been cleared out by ex) as well as computers, TV etc (equally cleared out by ex), new car etc. is this going to be a realistic expectation to receive lump sums for? Or is the court looking at making sure that the father continues to live in luxury and the children will end up in a Council House, as their father has more or less suggested?

Also, regarding the house: My expectation would be that I will receive the funds on trust to buy a house. Not that my ex would get to decide where we live and buy the house?

Karenthetoadslayer Fri 28-Nov-14 23:59:02


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