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How to find out when/ if a trial is taking place?

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yawningbear Mon 24-Nov-14 07:12:47

A few months ago a neighbour told me that another neighbour had been charged with historical child sexual abuse. My kids had been playing out in the street at the time, it is a really quiet cul de sac, and she said she would have felt terrible if something had happened to them. I don't think they are at any real risk but nevertheless it has all made me feel very uncomfortable.

She gave me his name and the details of the residential school that he had worked at for years. Sure enough he and two others had been charged with many counts over many years. Trial was due to start in October. Yet he is still here, no sign of him having been anywhere and if anything he was more present around the time that the trial should have started. On the couple of occasions I saw him he definitely did not look like a man awaiting a possible jail sentence.

They were initially charged at Maidstone I think. Nothing else comes up when I have googled it, last newspaper article dates back to June or July this year, detailing that trial due to start in October. Any ideas as to how I can find out if it has just been delayed or if the charges have been dropped altogether? TIA

Greengrow Mon 24-Nov-14 13:08:57

There is no register or database you can look up (also he may well be innocent and falsely accused). You could try contacting a local journalist at the local paper who may be following the story and have contacts.

Most courts are public so in theory you could turn up. At the high court the day before the lists go up on line as to which cases are the next day and with which judge but no earlier for important reasons - in case someone tries to knobble a judge before hand.

TracyBarlow Mon 24-Nov-14 18:55:20

If it's at crown court the lists are published the afternoon before an appearance here:

I would take Greengrow's advice and contact the local paper. If they covered the original court hearing then they will probably have a diary note of when the trial is due to take place.

yawningbear Tue 25-Nov-14 08:32:24

Thanks for the replies. I know that he may be falsely accused. I was hugely taken aback when I was first told & then had to consider whether I should say anything to any of the other neighbours who also have children. Ultimately I decided not to as I am not interested in gossip or spreading unfounded rumours about someone. However he has been charged, there are many victims who have given statements & two other ex teachers from the school concerned served prison sentences previously.

I will try contacting one of the papers who had the original story. I just need to put my mind at rest as to whether the case has been dropped, in which case I guess I will need to try and forgot about it or if it has been postponed. I almost wish I had never been told about it all. Thanks again.

sadwidow28 Mon 08-Dec-14 19:11:16

There is a database you can check. Your neighbour won't be on it if he was NOT convicted: UK_Database_CSA

It is run independently but gives court cases/newspaper ref links.

sadwidow28 Mon 08-Dec-14 19:15:43

Ooops - link didn't work. I'll try again: This is the database:

sadwidow28 Mon 08-Dec-14 19:17:14

Also read 'Sara's Law' - parent disclosure scheme:

Comito Mon 08-Dec-14 19:29:05

This is exactly what infuriates me about this kind of case.

I am sorry, OP, but someone has gossiped to you about something. You have no idea if it's true, but already you've decided that the guy 'doesn't look like he has an impending court case'. And you should absolutely not say anything to your neighbours - it's not your place to go around telling people.

Being charged with an offence is not the same as being convicted. You are not automatically guilty if you have been charged.

sadwidow28 Wed 10-Dec-14 17:50:35

The OP has the right to be concerned as a parent.

She did not ask for for this information, but now it is given, she has sensibly asked if there is any way to check it out.

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