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Court rewards ex for malicious allegations

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statusquomyarse14 Sun 23-Nov-14 07:47:50

i am a father of 4 .i had custody of my 2 kids from a previous relationship after my daughter was sexually assaulted by her mum's boyfriend which resulted her in contracting Herpes. Last mothers day while the kids had gone for contact , i was accused of physical violence against all my children. the list included head butting , kicking , punching , ear pulling and so on. i was arrested and locked up in a cell for 7 hrs. the social services did not contact me at all.i chased them up and only managed to get info after 2 weeks. they have been siding with my ex who made the allegations. i have only seen my kids in a contact centre on 3 occasions and once for overnight contact. the paediatric assessments found no proof or signs of abuse.police took no further action as they could find no evidence. in the mean time i lost my job on the ambulance service. my wife nearly lost her job as a midwife. despite providing all the dental , gp and their own paediatric reports social services insisted we were on the wrong . one paediatrician even described my youngest son as the most normal child she had seen a long time. yet the social services were determined to stop any contact including making up lies . we went for the final hearing last week. the judge agreed all these allegations were lies and that the social services had not much of a case against me but he stated that the children should remain in their grandmother's care inorder to maintain the STATUS QUO as was recommended by the social services. In short the judge rewarded my ex for making false allegations. that means the children will permanently reside in Bedfordshire were their mother will have unsupervised and unlimited access with the children. i have looked up STATUS QUO argument online and it's very difficult to overturn or appeal. I'm stuck ,any help welcome.

MikeTheShite Sun 23-Nov-14 08:03:50

Have you appointed a solicitor for this at all?
The Lucy Reed book may be of help to you

Quitelikely Sun 23-Nov-14 08:21:13

So the dc were removed from their mothers care after they were sexually abused by a predator (I'm thinking he is no longer on the scene) and they are staying with your ex mil. Has she offered to adopt them? Has you contact been increased and changed to unsupervised?

Very strange that the allegations against you were unfounded, that the children weren't returned to you. Unless they have been with their GM for months and in which case are settled into a school etc

statusquomyarse14 Sun 23-Nov-14 13:12:21

this was a well planned programme. I believe there was some dodgey dealings with the social services. my ex had no chance of getting the children because of her past involvement with ss. so by making false accusations , a biased ss and the slow court process the judge claimed the children had settled and therefore did not want to disrupt the status quo. I am tempted to do the same if it,s so rewarding but then it is my children that will suffer. the claim that the children have settled is not true as the minutes from the school to ss showed that he was struggling to make friends and was misbehaving something which in contrast to his time in Norfolk. my daughter does have friends though. does anyone know if the Status Quo has a time frame guidelines. I also have 2 children with my new wife a 3 month old daughter and 2 and half yr old son who is missing his siblings and the other way round. I really am appalled as to why a judge would use Status quo in favour of a 68year old Gmother when the children have got a father who has shown he is capable of raising his own children ?

babybarrister Mon 24-Nov-14 09:25:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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