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Adoption and access

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pickleandspud Thu 20-Nov-14 17:22:50

Hi, my husband is currently applying for step parent adoption of my daughter, he has been daddy since she was 5, now almost 10.
Her bio is in prison for gbh and abh of his current wife and their 3 small children are in care as they both have class a drug problems. The social worker interviewed him and obviously he said no. My daughter has asked several times for hubby to adopt her, they have a very close good relationship. Bio has now said when he is released from prison he will be seeking contact, she absolutely does not want this.
Basically can the court force her? And what will his rights be? She has T1 diabetes which requires constant monitoring.
He has not seen her since she was 2 when I told him he could only see her if he was not injecting or smoking cracked.
Please help I'm terrified!

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