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exp statement to court 2months late. what will happen

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dingdongknockknock Thu 20-Nov-14 12:21:29

My ex partner took me to court for residency of DC.

He never agreed with the report dying DC should reside with me.

We had 28days to file statement as he is self representing (I have a solicitor).

What will happen regarding his statement? His excuse was "my printer is broke" even though he printed something off since the last hearing (September). Is there anyway I can stop his statement being accepted now? As my Sol says he will have to cross examine me (dv related to the case) but if he don't file his statement he won't be able to.

We have not been listed yet for our final hearing.

dingdongknockknock Thu 20-Nov-14 12:28:14

he never agreed with report dying DC should reside with me

He never agreed with report saying DC should reside with me.

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