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please help me , im at the end of the rd

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ducklady Wed 19-Nov-14 22:48:18

Don't want to drip feed too much but may have to. Went to court today as ex hubby done court order against me for contact with son, good reasons why it was stopped, baby two. Anyway, he made the court do an undertaking saying that I would not have another relationship where my children were introduced to any new partner, I'm careful anyway, until I had known him two months. My ex is already in a relationship apparently, have been since we split six months ago, news to me, and already took my baby on holiday with the new woman and her kids in be known to me. He has taken pictures of my home and thru my windows with friends I have had in, police say its OK though as he was gathering evidence ???? I'm really desperate for help. Tia

ResIpsaLoquitur Sun 23-Nov-14 11:14:23

I don't follow what you want? A court can't force you to give an undertaking, so I assume you did this voluntarily. What he did when you split is irrelevant, since presumably there weren't any orders or undertakings in place at that time.

If he's still taking pictures through your windows you might be able to get an injunction, but it would be expensive and you really need legal advice.

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