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Employer mistake on childcare voucher salary assessment

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rainboweveryday Tue 18-Nov-14 06:39:45

My employer had the wrong tax code for me and assumed I had no personal tax allowance (they were using a BR tax code, which is used for a second job when you are using your personal allowance on your first job - but I only have this one job). So when they did my salary assessment for childcare vouchers they told me that I was a higher rate tax payer and I could only have £124 rather than £243 childcare vouchers a month. Things were a bit hectic, and I took their word for it - which I know was a mistake.

When I had a chance to look at it again, I calculated that I definitely am a basic rate tax payer, and followed it up with them. But apparently they give the assessment to HMRC, and it now can't be changed until next tax year.

I'm pretty gutted about this, since I'm missing out on £300 of tax savings I'm entitled to, which would have come in very useful!

Does anyone know whether there's any way to have that assessment changed in the middle of the tax year? Or anything else I can do?

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