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Lawer not paying out probate?...

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SpringtimeSun Fri 14-Nov-14 21:31:55

Probate has been done and dusted on my grans house for 3 weeks now.

The Lawer/Soliciter handling it has been promising to pay us the money for 2 weeks now but nothing has happened yet.

First of all he wanted our bank account details to make a direct payment. This hasn't happened. Today he tried to pay in cheques to our various accounts but the cheques were all made out to the Bank i.e. TSB instead of us!!

Does this sound dodgy or just a very rubbish Lawyer? We have all tried calling and have got nowhere, how can we get the money? Who can we go to?

We're in Scotland if that makes any odds?

bryonyelf Sat 15-Nov-14 11:51:17

That sounds very suspicious. He should have cleared funds within his account. Advise him he has until close of banking business to transfer the funds in Monday or you will be referring the matter to the SLCC and the law society of Scotland.

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