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I have sent a divorce petition to my husband but he now wants to divorce me

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NAR4 Tue 11-Nov-14 10:54:35

My husband has told me he has received the divorce petition, but instead of signing it and returning it, he is going to divorce me. The reason he gives is that his solicitor has apparently told him he will have to pay all costs due to me being on income support and legal aid no longer being available, so he seems to think this means he has to divorce me. I have not asked for any costs to be paid by him.

Does he still have to return the divorce petition that has already been issued. I am confused as to what this will now mean in terms of the divorce. Am I right in saying that it will ultimately allow him to control the timing of everything, but pay all or most the costs?

It doesn't make a lot of sense to me that he has been advised by his solicitor to do this. Surely it just costs him more money.

LisaMed Tue 11-Nov-14 16:40:30

Is this something that you sent to him or is it something that has already been issued through the courts?

NAR4 Thu 13-Nov-14 08:14:19

I have been to my solicitor and a divorcee petition has been sent to him. As far as I understand it has been issued by the court. It took 3 wks for him to receive it after my solicitor said it was posted.

LisaMed Thu 13-Nov-14 13:41:45

He can cross petition, that is, say that your petition isn't right but he wants a divorce on his grounds. His solicitor should tell him that it is an incredibly expensive waste of time.

Someone else should be along soon with better information, but until your ex actually does something you can continue on with the divorce. If they do not sign and return the petition the divorce can still go ahead. Your solicitor or the court staff should be able to tell you what the next step should be.

Do you think your ex has actually seen an actual solicitor? It doesn't sound right, but I may be wrong. Or do you think your ex is stalling? If I were you I wouldn't wait on his decision but push things forward.

Good luck.

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