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Child contact-family court hearing.

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Fantaface Tue 11-Nov-14 10:53:41


I have received a letter instructing me to court as my ex has applied for contact for our daughter.
Could anybody give any insight into what happens, how many visits to court are expect etc. Never been to court in my life and slightly worried

Thanks in advance

HeadDoctor Tue 11-Nov-14 13:23:07

These videos are helpful I think.

First hearing

Full hearing

They probably haven't been updated since the changes but not much actually changed to be honest.

It's impossible to say how many trips to court you'd need really. It varies on how serious any risks of harm are and how quickly you are able to reach agreement.

STIDW Wed 12-Nov-14 16:11:04

There is now a requirement that parents attend a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting in most cases before the courts will hear a case.

Before the first hearing CAFCASS carry out a safeguarding check to see if the family are known to social services and or police etc. At the hearing the first thing is for the court to see if any agreement can be reached. If not the judge will decide what further information, if any, is required in the form of reports to assist him/her make a decision and sets a timetable for future hearings. Interim orders may be made.

There may be several subsequent hearings and reviews but most cases settle by agreement. Only if no agreement can be reached during the proceedings will the case progress to a final contested hearing when the judge hears all the evidence and makes a final ruling.

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