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Help! What constitutes a reasonable time from verbal warning to final warning and forced out of work.

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Seren6025 Mon 10-Nov-14 10:58:35

My huband is working in an eentertainment firm where they are undertaking a refurbishment
In March. Previous establishments have done this and when they do, they get rid of the old managers and bring in new ones.
My husband has been working at the establishment for 15 years, but only 6 years under this new employer.
As we see it, they would need to offer him a redundancy, or such like when they do this.
However, what they are doing, is nitpicking various things he has been getting wrong, not massive things, and it is turning into some kind of witch hunt. They gave him his verbal warning at the end of September this year, then have raced through to his final written warning given to him on Friday, giving him 2 weeks to shine, as it were, or they will sack him.
Has anyone had a similar situation?
Any advice woul be greatly received.

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