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Cosmetic treatment caused scarring

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Eastofthesun Sun 09-Nov-14 12:09:51

Hoping someone can advise on what (if anything) I can do in this situation - I've had laser treatment on my face several times at the same clinic and had no issues at all in the past. I had another treatment a few weeks ago and happened to mention that the results hadn't lasted as long last time - I didn't at any point ask for the treatment to be done on a higher setting, however the nurse seems to have turned the laser up much higher than usual (she didn't tell me she was doing this but it was much more painful than previously so I know she did).

Unfortunately this resulted in severe blistering over the treated area which has now cleared up but has left behind awful pitted scars - my face looks much much worse than it did before treatment and I'm pretty upset about it. I mentioned it to the doctor who (I think) owns the clinic this week and he suggested using some silicon gel to reduce the scarring but was fairly dismissive and just said it will look fine in the end.

My question is should they be doing anything more about this and do I have any redress if the scarring does not go away? I haven't raised this with them in writing at this stage - is there any value in my doing this just to get it on record, as I have no way of knowing whether the doctor made a note of this on my records.

I'm sure at some point a few years ago before my first treatment I would have signed something acknowledging the risk of scarring from laser treatment, not sure if this means they have no responsibility.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

milkpudding Sun 09-Nov-14 17:48:43

If the nurse used the laser incorrectly e.g. too high a setting and harm resulted, you could have grounds for redress.
If scarring is a recognised risk of treatment, she treated you in a reasonable manner and you were aware of this risk when you consented to treatment, then no you don't have grounds for redress.

I think the most important thing is to ask the doctor or nurse how you should treat your skin now to reduce the chance of scarring.
If you think they may have been negligent then yes do get this recorded on your records and take photographs.
If you are unhappy with their management usually the first step is to make a written complaint.

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