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Maternity policy

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LadyM2 Wed 29-Oct-14 14:07:23

Hi there,

I was advised to post my query in this section. I wonder whether anyone is able to help please - my company maternity policy states that I have to have 1 years' service before I can claim enhanced maternity pay. Does that mean that I can't get pregnant until after the 1 year, or does it mean from when I go on maternity leave? Usually a date is specified but in this case it doesn't so I'm a bit confused! Don't want to ask HR as worried it will get back to my boss...

Thanks smile

Greengrow Wed 29-Oct-14 16:47:44

Could you type exactly the words used in the sentence in the policy about claiming as that will decide it?

It probably means from when you claim it - when you leave on maternity leave which in my case was when I went into labour as I worked to 40 weeks.

LadyM2 Wed 29-Oct-14 16:51:38

Thank you Greengrow smile yes of course, it says:

Enhanced Maternity Pay
The Firm reserves the right to operate flexibility regarding an Enhanced Maternity Pay (EMP) scheme. You are eligible to receive EMP if you have a minimum of one years' service.
EMP includes SMP and is payable when you commence OML.
EMP is paid monthly direct into your bank account and normal deductions for tax and National Insurance will apply.

Greengrow Wed 29-Oct-14 17:18:02

I would take that to mean you can receive it - take the money if you have a year's service at the point you leave, ie. if your baby is due in 7 months' time then from that point. I do not like their first sentence which says they will in some way operate flexibly over it whatever that means - decide X wears nice jackets so gets it or no one likes Y so she doesn't.

I did not tell anyone I was pregnant except my husband until I was 5 months pregnant by the way. I did not want any different treatment at work. It did not really show. I think that works very well particularly if you are not long in a job.

Thurlow Wed 29-Oct-14 17:26:11

I would ask them to clarify as many places operate a policy that you have to have worked at the firm for X months/years by the time you are 28w (I think) pregnant to qualify.

The policy doesn't actually state whether it's a) when you get pregnant, b) at 28w, or c) when you go on maternity leave. Without any further info I would assume it means 'you need to have worked here for 1 year before you claim EMP' i.e. 1 year to the day you start getting MP in your bank.

It's a pretty unclear policy, so I would ask them to clarify it, if you can think of a way of asking without setting off alarm bells.

LadyM2 Thu 30-Oct-14 10:11:19

Thanks guys much appreciated smile

Greengrow I agree with the "flexibility comment", was the same at my previous firm as well, it's a law firm which may explain it! If I'm able to keep it quiet for 5 months that would be great, you just never know with these things I guess.

I've been here 8 months now and don't know how long it will actually take to get pregnant so I'm going to stop worrying now as I think everyone I've spoken to thinks its 1 year before claiming EMP/going on leave.

Greengrow Sat 01-Nov-14 15:49:29

Good luck with it. Also not everyone woman wants to take all the enhanced leave. It can be pretty boring at home with a baby and you might prefer to be back at work sooner. Don't assume you will want the enhanced leave or that it is in your long term interests or even that of the child.

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