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another divorce thread! (mediation)

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makkahakka Thu 18-Sep-14 21:30:22

me and ex h are looking to divorce, mediation seems to be the way forward and what everyone recommends but I am just wondering how this works in practice.
Does one go to the mediator before seeing a solicitor? Do you get given any kind of guidance on what type of agreement to make?
Although I want things to be amicable I also don't want to be a complete walkover so want to ensure that going though mediation I would get given good advice.

Greengrow Fri 19-Sep-14 15:40:28

It is probably sensbile to pay for an hour with a solicitor in advance so you know what a court would be likely to award. Or sounds us out on here to give you a view. Eg I earned 10x what my husband did so he got more than half our assets. We both saw solicitors and then we negotiated with each other - why pay a mediator if you can both do that? Then we reached agreement, told the lawyers and they wrote it up and the court stamped it in a binding consent order.

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