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Section 21 issued , address wrong

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curlyclaz13 Mon 18-Aug-14 20:30:51

We have been issued a section 21 to end our tenancy as the landlord wants to sell. The rental is via an agent and they have been pretty useless, the section 21 while coming to our address actually states a completely different address. It was issued on 9 July and we have been looking for somewhere to move since but we are really struggling. If the worst happened and we could not find anywhere could we 'bring it to their attention' that in fact we have not been served notice as the address is incorrect ? I don't want to do this as it will probably affect our references and chances of renting again but just want to know where we stand.

specialsubject Mon 18-Aug-14 20:35:03

no, it won't affect references. It isn't a valid notice.

contact them and the landlord, explain your problem, be polite but also explain that they have not issued legal notice. Make it clear you don't want to be difficult and are trying to find somewhere to live.

BTW it must expire on the day you normally pay your rent and minimum notice to you is 2 months. If your tenancy runs for longer than you cannot be asked to leave unless you breach it.

the landlord needs to know, he/she is paying for this crap service.

tiredoutgran Wed 20-Aug-14 13:33:13

If you are wanting to buy more time then don't let them know until much nearer the time, but do it in the same way, nicely, oh I have just noticed that........ and as we are having a real problem finding somewhere else we won't be able to be out for that day.

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