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Right, I've just persuaded DH to call 101 - is there anything else we can do? (Dog bite)

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PenisesAreNotPink Sun 17-Aug-14 19:19:20

Dh had just returned from running with a huge, very bloody dog bite on his chest. Some idiot told dh to slow down when he was running so he slowed to a jog from a spring and this guys dog leapt up and bit him hard.

Cue guy ranting and swearing that he told dh to slow down. Dh told him he needed to control his dog as it was miles in front of him on a main path where there were loads of kids and bikes.

This guy was not near a vehicle and dh didn't want to follow him but I've persuaded him to call the police in case any other reports are outstanding about this.

Anything else we can do?

PenisesAreNotPink Sun 17-Aug-14 19:22:33

Must be a slow evening as the police say they're coming round

ClaimedByMe Sun 17-Aug-14 19:22:35

He might need a tetnus shot, it has to be done within a short time frame of the bite, I cant remember why but my sister got bit by a dog recently and the gp insisted it got done asap.

Acolyte Sun 17-Aug-14 19:25:03

He may need antibiotics, puncture wounds are a bitch for getting infected.

Are they bad enough for a trip to a&e?

PenisesAreNotPink Sun 17-Aug-14 19:26:47

Right. We will go to the urgent care centre after the rozzer visit

OverAndAbove Sun 17-Aug-14 20:50:08

Crikey, your poor DH! Really hope he is ok; what a shock it must have been. Is he able to give a good description to the cops?

BiscuitMillionaire Sun 17-Aug-14 20:53:50

That sounds awful. I hope the police are taking him round in their car looking for the guy.

OddBoots Sun 17-Aug-14 20:57:55

Oh goodness, your poor DH. I hope he's not seriously hurt and the police catch them.

hollie84 Sun 17-Aug-14 21:00:07

Glad the police are taking it seriously.

specialsubject Mon 18-Aug-14 20:35:59

urgent care, definitely.

also if you are not in the UK, rabies shot!

BiscuitMillionaire Mon 18-Aug-14 22:50:04

Any update, OP? Hope your DH is OK.

Yambabe Tue 19-Aug-14 17:23:08

If the dog was not on a lead your DH could have been doing cartwheels with sausages tied to his ankles and the dog owner would still have been 100% in the wrong.

The Dangerous Dogs Act makes reference to dogs being out of control in a public place and most councils also have bylaws about it.

Heartsandspades Tue 19-Aug-14 19:04:51

My 75 yo neighbour was bitten by a dog a while back whilst walking his own dog. Dog was off the lead and was frightening his own dog, as he bent down to pick his own dog up the other one bit him badly on the arm. He was in hospital for 3 nights and the police were involved.
My neighbour is a dog lover and asked that the other dog wasn't put down but the owner was taken to court and fined.
I hope your DH is ok.

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