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MrsHenderplonker Sun 17-Aug-14 17:11:58

Hello there
Would like to pick some peoples brains if possible. We were recently back in court to finalise Christmas arrangements for my husband to see his children. Once there the ex'a solicitor quite slyly decided to spring upon my husband that the ex wants to completely change out routine. Week a we have children from Monday through Sunday week b we have children Friday and return them Saturday dinner time. This has been in place for over two years and always worked well. The routine runs alongside my two children's contact with their father meaning that we have all of the children together every other weekend so we can spend time as a family. The ex has now decided she would like a full weekend with the children every other week...fine not a problem and so we agreed. The order has now been issued and is to commence 22nd of this month...week a I our full weekend and week b we don't see them. Our problem is the way our weekends have always fallen on 22nd tho should be our week b however the ex is claiming she wants it to be our week a...meaning tht we will have my children but not my husbands one weekend and my husbands children but not mine the next. As you can imagine this isn't in anyone's best interest and the ex has yet to prove otherwise. Also my husband tends to work the weekends we don't have his children meaning he will now be at work on his contact weekend if we agree with what the ex has proposed. Initially in court my poor husband who represents himself agreed to all of this and was unaware that she was shuffling all our weekends around. He was under the impression the routine would be the same just we wouldn't get our short weekends anymore. The wording on the order commence 22nd August 2014...week a) bla bla bla week b) bla bla bla. My argument is that it does not specify which weekend we are to start on a) or b)...the ex solicitor is not saying if we do not collect then we are breaching the order etc etc (scare mongering) but I just don't see why the ex thinks spending weekends with me while the hubby is working and my children are with their father I better than spending all weekend with us as a family!? Any advice would be appreciated as I'm tearing my hair out. She is adamant we have to change weekends. Where do we go from here...mediation? Back to court?

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