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Were we scammed by photographer? Advice please!

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TroelsNextCampaignManager Wed 13-Aug-14 14:47:39

To cut a long story short, we were at an event where one of the DCs was performing and paid a "professional" photographer close to £100 for some photos to give to grandparents etc. This was at end of May. The photos were supposed to be delivered within a month (which I thought was bad enough).

Over two months later, we still haven't received any photos. I have phoned the photographer several times and been reassured that he would send them next day delivery etc but needless to say they haven't turned up.

I tried to call him again today as yet another deadline for delivery has passed but have not had a response, so I have texted him and left a voicemail to the effect that if I don't get the photos or a full refund in the next 48 hours I'm going to have to progress this with the relevant authorities and alert any other interested stakeholders (eg the event organisers and the building owners where the photos were taken).

Realistically, what is my best option for getting my money back and making sure he doesn't scam other people?

He's not on twitter or FB so those aren't opportunities I can pursue to shame him into actually sending me the photos I paid for or sending me a full refund.

OldBeanbagz Wed 13-Aug-14 14:54:00

I'm guessing he messed up the job and just hasn't got the guts to own up to it.

Do you know he's still in business? Do you know any other people who were photographed at the same event? If so i'd check with them to see if they've got their photos.

If not, then go through the Small Claims Court to recover your money. I think the only way you can alert other people to his bad practice is verbally but you need to be carful of slander.

TroelsNextCampaignManager Wed 13-Aug-14 15:03:03

That's what I think OldBean - so he just needs to give me a refund. He is still in business but I don't know anyone else who used him that day - although other people were using him iykwim?

I want to alert the event organisers and the building owners to the facts, nothing more, nothing less, if he does not deliver. He would have had to apply to pitch up in the building during the event and they should be aware that he is not necessarily reliable before issuing him with a permit to do so again - imho. I will also make sure that I tell friends attending similar events about what happened so they can decide to stay well clear!

OldBeanbagz Wed 13-Aug-14 15:13:29

I think the event organisers will argue that your contract is with him, not them and therefore won't accept any responsibility. Is it something he does on a regular basis?

I'm not sure what kind of event it is (i assume you don't want to out yourself by saying) but the photographer won't necessarily have had to apply for a pitch/permit.

The organisers could well have approached a local photographer to cover the event and be taking a commission on any sales. I went to a charity ball and there was a photographer with a studio type set up there who was working like this.

TroelsNextCampaignManager Wed 13-Aug-14 16:37:35

I wasn't thinking of going after the organisers for money or anything like that - just wanted to tell them what happened so if they had 2 people bidding to do the same thing next time, they might opt for someone else!

On one of my calls with this guy he said "Oh! Someone else mentioned theirs did not arrive" - so I'm not the only person chasing him by the looks of it... IF he was being honest about that!

OldBeanbagz Thu 14-Aug-14 08:49:47

Good idea as it looks bad on the organiser otherwise.

If he's not answering your calls/message i would send him a letter by Recorded Post (or whatever they call it nowadays) stating that he has 7/10 days to either deliver the photos as purchased (again by mail that can be tracked) or refund in full.

NorthEasterlyGale Fri 15-Aug-14 12:25:11

If he's a pro, he should have insurance to cover situations where things go wrong so if accidentally deleted stuff / had an equipment failure etc he should be able to own up and apologise safe in the knowledge that he's covered and you can come to an agreement re resolution.

Since he seems to be avoiding you, poop the whole timeline / detail in a recorded delivery (signed for) letter and as mentioned above, give him a deadline and detail of what resolution you require.

If you don't hear back, Small Claims is easy to do online and would be your next port of call.

TroelsNextCampaignManager Tue 26-Aug-14 08:32:16

Just realised I hadn't updated the thread. I finally got my photos (yay) after calling him and saying that I'd be taking further action if I didn't get them within a specific timeframe.

So thanks, everyone for your advice smile

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