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New gas pipes from road to meter - what are my rights please

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Sallythedog Mon 11-Aug-14 17:43:37

I would be most grateful for any advice.

I moved in 2 years ago, and I've just finished all the work. The last job was the tiny front garden - dug up broken crazy paving, had tiles laid to fit in with the age of the house (1890s). Now Southern Gas are putting new pipes in the road, and into houses that don't have the correct pipework.

I have been told that they will replace the meter, and put it into my glass porch, which will be ugly, and I don't want it there. The suggestion also was that the gas from there into the house would be by a surface laid copper pipe which would be boxed in. Oh, and they'd probably have to dig up my front path.

I've said no to all of this, and am expecting a visit from the engineer and supervisor on Tuesday morning.

My house is a tiny terraced 2 bed, and is open plan downstairs. The distance from the proposed new position of the gas meter to the existing gas meter is approx 3 metres. The front garden is less than 2 metres. I have a solid wood floor, laid over original floorboards. Just old floorboards in the understairs cupboard where the gas meter is.

I've had a look online, and there seems to be a process called moling which seems to be an appropriate alternative method to what's being proposed. Unsurprisingly, this is a gizmo that tunnels underground.

Before the meeting on Tuesday, I'd really like to know what my rights are, and would be enormously grateful for any help please.

Any help very gratefully received.

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