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What can parents do if a HT made many false allegations to the social services, and their school trust refused to follow their complaint procedure?

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Sunflower123456 Mon 11-Aug-14 12:08:06

We sent our daughter to a private school. The HT was more than difficult, and then she made many false allegations against us to the social services on the day we submitted our termination notice. We made a complaint to their school trust, but their chairman refused to comply with their complaint procedure to hold a panel hearing.

dashoflime Mon 11-Aug-14 12:17:03

No experience of private schools, sorry.

But I know the Family Rights Group is very good if you need help dealing with social services.

Are social services still involved? If so, then I would suggest that this should be your priority.

I had a somewhat similar situation where a hospital made a referral to social services to cover up their own mistake.

Once the social services case was closed- I was able to get a letter from the social worker stating that they regarded the referral as a mistake and had no child protection concerns. That letter was very useful in making a complaint to the hospital. I also had it placed in mine and my child's medical notes in order to clarify any potentially misleading comments there might have been there.

I wasn't really able to do anything about the hospital until I'd convinced social services I was an OK Mum though. So work on that first.

Unexpected Mon 11-Aug-14 12:50:39

Sunflower, you have posted many times about this. Your dd is now at another school, presumably ss have not taken the allegations seriously? At this point, what do you realistically want/hope to achieve from following this up? It may go against your sense of justice but I'm not sure that spending more time and energy on this is a good use of your time. Do you think you can let it go and focus on the fact that your dd is now happy at her new school?

Sunflower123456 Mon 11-Aug-14 15:15:44

Yes, I have postage many messages about this. It's the injustices of it all. We foolishly expected better from a private school.

dashoflime Mon 11-Aug-14 15:17:56

What's the situation now Sunflower? Are social services still involved?
What were the allegations?

dashoflime Mon 11-Aug-14 16:16:19

Ah- just read your previous thread.

Social Services dropped the case the same day but you have been advised by a solicitor that there's nothing you can do about it.
There's your answer then.

Not sure what your hoping to get out of this thread tbh- it seems like you've already taken advice confused

PleaseJustShootMeNow Mon 11-Aug-14 19:50:30

I can understand why you want to do something. I was also reported to ss out of spite by a 'professional' I'd had a disagreement with. It's difficult to process, the injustice and knowing they've gotten away with it. But for you own sanity, you have to let it go otherwise it'll eat you up inside.

babybarrister Tue 12-Aug-14 20:47:35

What about the disciplinary body for teachers - National College for Teaching and Leadership?

Sunflower123456 Tue 12-Aug-14 23:14:27

We don't feel so bad now, since our daughter has recovered and she's now at a great state school. However, we would hate the same thing happen to other children and parents. It's wrong that a private school trust can disregard their complaint procedure to cover up a badly behaved HT.

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