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Name change by deedpoll - are the free websites legit?

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ThePartyArtist Thu 07-Aug-14 13:35:09

Getting married in a month and we're both making a new surname by double barrelling our existing ones. I am confused about changing our names by deedpoll as some websites say you need to pay but this one is free and I am not sure if it is legit. The Government website says you MAY need to pay a fee. Can anyone who's done it advise please?

CrocsAreJustPlainUgly Thu 07-Aug-14 15:36:42

You do NOT need to pay, you do NOT need to print it on fancy paper, or get a stamp, or pay to have it checked.

I used the,uk site and i've changed my drivers licence, passport, banks, GP's etc I've done the same for my son. I printed it on normal A4 paper and just got two friends to sign it.

poshfrock Thu 07-Aug-14 17:10:07

Yes changing your name costs nothing unless you want it registered via the court which most people don't. Websites are completely legit.

VelvetEmbers Thu 07-Aug-14 17:14:31

If your DH changes his before the wedding then you don't have to do a deed poll as well. You just start using "his" (new) surname after the wedding, using your marriage certificate as proof of the change.

ThePartyArtist Fri 15-Aug-14 14:45:21

Thanks all, really useful! Now to start making a list of ALL the places I'm going to have to tell about the new name!

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