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Shenstone Properties

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Joyciejo Thu 10-Jul-14 14:10:44

I have been reading a previous thread about this company and have a bit of info. about them. Last night our parish mag came out and it tells us of all the developments in our village. I was very interested to learn that there are legal issues regarding this company's financing of their land holdings which is now in the hands of receivers. Does anyone have any up to date information about this topic? Thing is, we have lived here for 30 years and have paid £25 per annum to these people. I have just had a demand for this years rent but am withholding payment until I know what's going on. The only other time I had any dealings with Shenstone was when we extended our house and received a demand for £175 after having asked them for approval of our plans. I telephoned and was told it was admin costs and I asked what sort of admin would they do, after all they just had to open my plans and agree or not. We deliberated and he said ok £75 would do and he would send another invoice which I am happy to say never ever came. Very professional indeed! I am going to continue on the net today to find out more but would love to hear if anyone knows anything.

gillers55 Mon 28-Dec-15 17:18:36

I have posted on here about Shenstone recently. They are known as 'ground rent grazers' and have very dubious practices. Just google them and you will find a lot of information. I refused to pay their ridiculous demands for a £70 admin fee for a £10 charge (2.50 per year) even though we had several threatening letters. They have just cashed the cheque so have backed down. Dont let them bully you.

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