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Can my dad drive my car if I'm not insured on it.

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bambam22 Tue 08-Jul-14 23:32:50

Hi all, got a debate going among friends and family - I'm the registered keeper of a car but I'm currently not insured to drive it. My EB is insured to drive it. Can my dad legally drive it on his own fully comp insurance with my permission (third party)? Or do I need insurance on it so that he can drive it?

MargotLovedTom Tue 08-Jul-14 23:34:22

What is EB?

I'd say yes, he's insured to drive it third party via his own insurance.

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Tue 08-Jul-14 23:34:45

If his insurance says he can drive someone else's car with their permission then yes (most policies allow it)

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Tue 08-Jul-14 23:35:23

Is EB ex-boyfriend?

KissMyFatArse Tue 08-Jul-14 23:36:25

The vehicle needs to be insured firstly but if your dad has 3rdparty cover then he can drive it.

maxpower Tue 08-Jul-14 23:40:46

If your dad's insurance covers him to drive other vehicles then it's ok.

bambam22 Wed 09-Jul-14 09:50:55

EB is ex-boyfriend. I know he won't give my dad permission to drive it on his insurance so I wondered if my dad could use his own insurance as he is fully comp to drive any vehicle with the owner's permission. I'm just not sure if the owner giving the permission has to have insurance on the car?

Thanks for your help so far, I will check dad's policy wording

KissMyFatArse Wed 09-Jul-14 09:58:31

Does your ex bf have his own insurance on the car? If so it could be invalid as he isn't the owner and registered keeper and as you are broken up has no 'insurable interest' in the car. You should insure the car or declare it SORN. Therefore he shouldn't be insuring the car as it may be void.

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Wed 09-Jul-14 11:10:25

You don't have to be the owner or the registered keeper to insure a car so as long as EB's insurance is still current it is insured.

Does a vehicle have to have its own insurance to be on the road? I thought that was just tax.

KissMyFatArse Wed 09-Jul-14 11:12:22

You need to have an insurance interest in it to insure it.
And yes it needs insurance otherwise it needs to be declared SORN

KissMyFatArse Wed 09-Jul-14 11:12:55

Insurable interest **

Amateurish Wed 09-Jul-14 11:17:33

The ex could could still have an insurable interest in the car, even though he isn't the registered keeper e.g. how might own a share in it.

OP - does the car belong 100% to you?

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Wed 09-Jul-14 11:27:35

Oh right - I forgot about that change!

bambam22 Wed 09-Jul-14 13:55:59

My ex paid 50% towards it. The receipt is in my sole name and the car is registered to me.

Amateurish Wed 09-Jul-14 14:15:29

It's likely that he owns half the car, unless you can show the contribution was intended to be a gift.

bambam22 Wed 09-Jul-14 14:56:25

I guess he does have an insurable interest in it as he owns half of it - but how would he have got insurance on it without my permission (he insured it after our split) - as the "registered keeper" don't Insurance companies have to ask for my agreement?

MairyHoles Wed 09-Jul-14 16:06:27

Most comprehensive insurance policies cover you to drive another vehicle on a 3rd party basis so check your dad's policy. This is only if the other car is insured, so your dad could drive the car. If your ex has cancelled the insurance then your dads insurance would not be valid, he could be charged with driving without insurance and you, as owner, could be charged with allowing someone uninsured to drive your car. If you are certain your dad's policy allows him to drive other vehicles (vans are usually not included so sometimes if your/ your dads car is more of a truck eg Isuzu trooper then you may actually have van insurance) and that your ex has definitely kept up his insurance, and you also know that your dad would repair any damage to your car, then he can drive it!

specialsubject Wed 09-Jul-14 20:02:55

as I understand it:

- it must be insured or SORN. If the latter, no-one is driving it.
- IF your dad's policy allows 3rd party driving of other cars, then he can drive it IF it is insured and IF he has the permission of the person who insures it.

third party only, remember, unless your dad has a motor trade policy.

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Wed 09-Jul-14 20:29:41

A SORN question if any if you can help

DS2's car was written off recently & taken by a scrapper. We filled in the relevant parts of the reg doc & sent our bit to the DVLA

The road tax renewal has just come - do we also need to declare SORN online, or can we ignore it & just wait for the V5C bits to go through?

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Wed 09-Jul-14 20:32:31

Apologies for hijack, bambam smile

specialsubject Wed 09-Jul-14 22:25:30

smile - if you filled in your bit you are covered, although I'm surprised you didn't return the tax disc to the DVLA as you might then have got some money back.

call the DVLA and confirm that they have received your bit of the V5 - it does take a while to process though.

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Wed 09-Jul-14 22:49:26

Didn't even think about the tax disc at the time, specialsubject! There was 1 month left on it so we'd have got about £15 back. I bet the scrappers will have claimed it. Bugger!

I'll ring the DVLA & check. Thank you smile

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