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CSA advice please ??

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BunInMyOven93 Wed 02-Apr-14 19:12:18

OK, so we're having a bit of a nightmare atm. Which is going to turn very nasty if it doesnt get sorted ASAP!

So my current partner has a 3 year old daughter. He broke up with her Mum when she was 1 and he had been paying her £35 a week child support - but he was giving it to her in her hand so there was no 'proof'. she was demanding more money from him saying that if it went through the CSA then he would have to give her more anyway. which is BS! the CSA would have made him pay £26 a week... so he was already giving her almost £10 more a week than what she was entitled to which he didn't mind doing anyway.

she saw her a**e when he said he wouldnt give her anymore than what she was getting and then all of a sudden one day he recieved a call of the CSA saying that he owes her a years worth of child support!! she had phoned them and said that she hadnt recieved a penny off him for the last year. he told her he wasnt giving her a penny of these 'arrears' and she used the 'well you arent seeing your daughter then' line! so he had to pay his arrears off in installments weekly PLUS the standard weekly child support payments of £26 a week!

when my partner switched jobs the CSA stopped coming out of his bank. so he would do a bank transfer monthly into her bank,so there is proof of that.

since then we have had a child of our own and the CSA have been onto him again saying that he needs to pay off arrears etc. he has explained to the CSA that he was giving her the money but because its her word against his there's nothing they can do and he HAS to pay it or else he could go to court...

i suppose what im wanting out of this is advice! has anyone been in this situation or know what he can do? its so unfair because he is a fantastic dad and he doesnt deserve the hassle he's getting. plus we can only just afford to live since having our own child. we cant afford to be paying his psycho jealous ex money that she isn't entitled to .

any advice would be highly appreciated!

ameliasmama89 Wed 02-Apr-14 23:44:11

Not much advice but I would of thought the bank transfers on a bank statement should be enough proof that he had been paying the second time round. Maybe get your partner to see CAB they will be able to tell you where to go from here.

Nappaholic Wed 02-Apr-14 23:45:36

Hi there.

I'd suggest the first thing you do is ask the CSA for a copy of the data file under the Data Protection Act...which can take up to 40 working days to arrive.

The first thing that springs to mind from your post is that the CSA can only backdate arrears to the date of first contact at the very earliest. There should be a two yearly review, and any change in circumstances - eg new baby in yr family, or a change in employment, should be reported within 7 days. A review can be backdated, so you need to give the CSA up to date details....

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