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NRP not getting time with child despite contact order.

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YourHandInMyHand Tue 01-Apr-14 10:30:26

Apologies if this is vague but am posting for a friend and don't want it to be obvious to anyone who knows the situation in RL.

A friend of mine has had to fight through the courts for contact and despite a contact order being in place it is not being stuck to as RP will go out at pick up time, or stands over child at pick up time and says child doesn't want to go while child looks at RP before saying anything to NRP.

Friend is worried about child as behaviour has changed so much recently and they just don't know what to do.

Are contact orders not enforced in some way? NRP is a very hands on parent doing lots of quality time activities like baking, gardening, etc, they have given up a career they love, relocated to be close to their child and I really am shocked that after going through the courts it's all been a bit pointless as RP is still obstructing access. Child is 5.

What can my friend do?

cestlavielife Tue 01-Apr-14 12:32:20

offer mediation appt
a third party might get out of the rp what the real issue is if there is one

then if rp refuses mediation go back to court for enforcement

YourHandInMyHand Thu 03-Apr-14 06:45:20

Thanks for reply I will let friend know, I know they are hoping to get some legal advice at some point this week too.

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