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Really confused over parental rights / residency / holidays (ENGLAND)

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LeaveItItsNotWorthIt Thu 27-Mar-14 01:32:12

I have tied my brain in knots over conflicting advice, tried doing a search for threads on here but phone keeps crashing when it loads results, so my deep apologies if there are 100 threads like this.

I want to know about taking my DD out of the country, if i can get her a passport, how long i could have a holiday for etc etc.

DD is 2, FOB hasn't seen her or spoken to any of us in over a year, we were never married, his name is on the birth certificate as he is her father, he pays maintenance of £20 a month direct debit ordered by CSA. He knows where we are, my address, number etc but despite efforts seemingly just isn't interested anymore and i no longer have a way to contact him.

Any help greatly appreciated!

fuckwittery Thu 27-Mar-14 01:45:23

You can obtain a passport for her, this only requires the signature of one parent.

The law is that all persons with parental responsibility should consent to a child being taken abroad, however short a period of time. It is an offence to remove a child from the UK without this consent. However there is an exception if you
have taken all reasonable steps to communicate with the other person but has been unable to communicate with him; or the other person has unreasonably refused to consent (s1(5) Child Abduction Act 1985).

You could ask the CSA to pass a letter on if you have no means of contact ?

If you obtain a residence order, you can take your DD out of the country for up to a month at a time without consent. Might be worth you making an application to avoid this issue every time you wish to go abroad, although it will need to be served on your ex.

LeaveItItsNotWorthIt Thu 27-Mar-14 01:58:41

Thankyou very much, that's really clear. I hadn't thought of asking CSA. I would love to make an application for residency but he would fight it just to spite us and i have no money for legal representation. Thankyou for your help smile

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