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need to see an original dna letter

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juliej80 Wed 26-Mar-14 08:15:38

I have been having problems with ex. Without going Into too much detail he is denying paternity of lo we organised a dna test which I left him to post however he has come back with what looks like a dna letter stating he isnt the father but I dont trust him and need to see what a dna letter actually looks like. Hes very good with a computer and he would do anything not to be the father. As ive never seen a dna letter before I can not say if the one he showed me is real or not. Dna company will not give out any info either.

RedHelenB Wed 26-Mar-14 08:30:25

Are you 100% sure he is the father? If so, then you know the letter to be false & you need to go to the csa asap.

Thistledew Wed 26-Mar-14 08:33:36

Which company did he use?

The reputable testing firms will provide you with several pages- there will be identity and consent forms for each person tested, including their photographs. there is then usually a page with columns of figures showing which sections of DNA were tested and what markers were found for each person tested. Then usually at the bottom of that page there will be a statement to say what relationship was looked for, and something along the lines of "the probability of paternity is 99.9% as compared to another male of x ethnic group. A non-paternal relationship cannot be excluded but is highly unlikely". If it is a negative result the 'probability' analysis will of course be much lower or even 0, and the wording of the relationship will be different.

This is just from memory, having seen several DNA results in a professional capacity. What is it being used for? If it is to go to court, the court will expect him to produce all the forms proving the test was taken as well as the result. If it was just a test that he did with a kit from the internet it really carries no weight at all, as he could have sent samples from any two random people.

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