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The electric meter of our empty property has been removed and we knew nothing about it

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Doonhamer Sat 22-Mar-14 16:42:29

The tenant moved out 2 years ago. She gave the utilites comanies meter readings which she gave a copy of to us. She infomred she was moving out. We didn't get up to it (the empty house) for a while and when we did there were tons of letters addressed to "the occupier" saying the outstanding electricity bill was over �1000. I contacted them and gave them current meter readings. The person i spoke to on thehpoen told me they were the same meter readings as the ones the tenant had given them. isaid "yes they will be the property is unoccupied". I then gav ethem my name and address and said to communicate with me at this address. I was told of there is nay money required to pay they would contact me but seeing as the house was empty they didnt think there would be.
No eltters arrived, and on odd occasions when we visited the empty property there were letters from them advising that the amount was outstanding and they would cut us off. So again rang them up gav e them meter readings etc and again was told "oh we ahve those on file".

anyway we had cleaners in supposedly to clean the place this weekend and she went in to discover the meter has been removed, just a fusebox left.We have had no notification that this was happening and have no idea how they got in to remove it as my mum had the key.

Can anyone advise on where we stand over this? I am going out soo till aobut 9pm so will try and check back but if I don't till later you know why

YuccanLiederHorticulture Sat 22-Mar-14 16:51:26

wow! No advice really, but would love to see how this pans out. Do you have any records or evidence of your previous conversations where you told them to communicate with you at a different address? They will almost certainly try to charge you a vast amount to reconnect the property to the grid when you are ready to make the property a residence again, and you will have a huge fight on your hands to prove that they were at fault disconnecting you and should therefore waive such charges.

Doonhamer Sat 22-Mar-14 22:38:03

Going to speak to CAB and see what they say. Unfortunately I ahve no record of who i spoke to but I do have the date I rang as I wrote it on of the bills they sent to the property.

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