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Direct Access Barrister recommendations (London) please...

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heliumheart Fri 21-Mar-14 12:06:01

Wondering if some of you lovely legal types could recommend a decent family law barrister based in London who a) offers Direct Access and b) is prepared to act on a fixed fee basis.

I'm spent almost all the money I can lay my hands on so far and it's proving to be a difficult divorce. My solicitor is fantastic and has done a great job, but I really do think now that other than one last splurge of cash on legal fees I'm going to have to go it completely alone - and that terrifies me, given the way my H is behaving. I've tried using a McKenzie friend in one hearing and it was fine, although I did feel disadvantaged.

I've found a couple of people online who are offering fixed fee services but I would really appreciate a recommendation as I can't afford to keep making initial (paid for) appointments with people until I find one that seems good. The finances themselves aren't particularly complicated, although my husband is difficult and threatening all sorts of financial ruin if I don't comply with his demands. I understand that advertising isn't allowed but please feel free to PM me if you think you might be able to offer this yourself!

Many thanks in advance.

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