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Unadopted road, right of access, parking issues....anyone???

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Erroroccurred Thu 20-Mar-14 14:26:02

What a boring title huh! We have an dead end untarmaced road between ten houses. It is a right of way for all houses leading to garages or back gardens and yards. People have parked on it for decades, this doesn't block the access. We don't own it and the owner has put up no parking signs, he is plotting to build but has been turned down in the past. For the houses around his tiny plot building would be horrible. My understanding is that we could apply for some change of use due to the parking history and that it isn't illegal to park just to obstruct? Does anyone know?

It is in a sense no skin of my nose but the man is a horrid bully who has been Awful to the little old lady whose house he wants to buy because she borders the land. Think he wants her garden particularly as part of his next application plan. I don't want to park elsewhere if it strengthens his next planning application. Then again don't want to do anything illegal and he is talking towing and police etc

MillyMollyMama Thu 20-Mar-14 23:31:58 has a useful document on unadopted roads. The owner can say yes or no to parking. If is is yes then there is a licence to park. It does appear this is not necessarily gained by default and it appears that the owner can decide if parking will be permitted or not. He is obviously playing hard ball and I would call his bluff because all he can do is sue for trespass. You are not causing a nuisance because the road is still open to all who have a right to pass over it. However it is very unpleasant and he may choose to have your vehicles removed if he is particularly nasty.

Erroroccurred Thu 20-Mar-14 23:45:27

Oh poo so he is right basically. Sued for trespass! I never even get parking tickets (ironically!)

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