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Employment Contracts

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EllaFitzgerald Tue 18-Mar-14 20:49:11

About five months ago, DH signed a new contract giving him additional hours at work, (retail) which was apparently lost. He then signed a replacement contract, which was never entered onto their system and has also been 'lost'. A third contract was signed, but the wrong manager signed it and the right manager has never corrected it. He's been doing the hours in the new contract for the last five months.

He's taken two weeks annual leave in that time, but both times has been paid at the lower weekly rate, which hasn't taken into account his increased basic hours and every time he asks his managers what's happening, he gets fobbed off. They should have paid him an extra £200, which would come in handy right now. He's got some more leave coming up and he's obviously going to get paid at the lower rate again.

Does anyone know where he stands on this? Any advice gratefully received.

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