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Court Order..

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Gunner172 Fri 14-Mar-14 13:47:44

I posted a topic the section "being a parent- gay/lesbian"
title.. New steps..

I have contacted my solicitor who state for a contact order they charge £1200 plus vat per hearing and advises I can go alone..

I would appreciate advice and if you can quickly read my situation In the other group I would appreciate it.. I feel alone and seems I cant trust many people in my life..

most people think I should give it up and walk away from the situation but after 6 years and knowing what the other parent is like I cant. I cant do that to the child or myself..

what advice info do I need to save up and use regarding going alone to court.

my ex is claiming that I blackmail her little girl towards her and that isn't the case.. for 6 years I have been the main parent for a child I have no legal tie too.. I have had to have her use her child as an emotional weapon to get at me. I feel this isn't making sense , sorry.
my ex doesn't work and never has so doesn't understand I work and have university. I have regular contact with her child , weekly!

we split 2.5 years ago.. during the relationship I was the main provider and carer and after we split depending on work I would have child 3 nights a week.. for last 6 months or so I have her every sunday and sunday overnight , if im free in the week I have her for tea.
aside from work, study and my life I try and always see child weekly and at times, many times not to suit my exs calendar or social events...( babysitter on tap she would like )
for this reason I have her thrown at me... I have emails to show her comments... your her mummy too.. u need sacrifice work to have her more than 1 night a week. and similar comments.

I don't have legal PR or guardianship for the child, I have been there since she was 5 months old and she is 6 now.. my exs family don't see child much and aren't even on speaking terms at moment..
the childs father is on BC BUT doesn't see her or pay towards her. I think in 6 years he has seen her once supervised and that was 2012 when I was unable see sky for 6 weeks... again because I didn't conform to my exs demands.

STIDW Fri 14-Mar-14 16:01:33

YOu need to be careful about giving details or naming children and you should ask MN to remove your post.

IT sounds as though there is a misunderstanding and you and your ex are interpreting the situation differently. Have you thought about trying mediation or even family counselling first? As the applicant to a Contact Order you would normally be expected to set up a Mediation Information And Assessment Meeting to at least find out about mediation and consider it before the court hears the case.

Unless you were in a civil relationship and are a step parent you would need to apply for the court's permission to apply for a contact order. That would involve completing Form C2 along with Form C100 to apply for contact.The forms are available along with guidance leaflets CB1 and CB3 from the Ministry of Justice website. In Form C100 you need to give information why contact broke down and ask the court to make a Contact Order. You need to focus on the child rather than the issues between the adults.

The book "Family Courts Without a Lawyer" by Lucy Reed is a helpful resource for anyone representing themselves in children proceedings.

Hope that helps.

Gunner172 Sat 15-Mar-14 09:40:03

yes we was in a civil partnership and still in one.. my ex always stated I would be the other parent its only in the last 4 weeks she decided I should be out of it ( I think it is her new relationship that is the reason) for the last 2.5 years I have been in a relationship so moving on isn't an issue and I have always remained a parent to the child.
just need advice re going to court, mediation wont work she picks and choses when I matter and I have to jump to her demands I want contact order in place then I have child in my life without my ex chaning the goal posts

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