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joint mortgage / transfer of equity

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Elocampane Wed 12-Mar-14 13:36:28

hi, I'm in the process of splitting up with H, amicable so far.

Our house is on the market, but I've already seen one I'd like to buy. Can sort the deposit myself, but can't get mortgage for the amount I need as i'm still jointly & severally liable for the old joint one too.
My H can afford the old mortgage & is willing to take over to free me to buy the other.
He's confirmed this with lender.

So I can do a transfer of equity to him, but this means I have to trust he'll split to equity if the house 50/50 when the house sells.

What would I need to do / as a solicitor for to ensure my claim to the equity is upheld?

Not that I think he'd do that, but people sometimes do unexpected things...

any advice much appreciated.


prh47bridge Wed 12-Mar-14 14:11:55

When you divorce all assets go into the pot to be split between you regardless of whose name they are in. Go and see a solicitor who specialises in family law.

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