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Request for flexible working denied, help me appeal, please

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happydutchmummy Wed 12-Mar-14 13:15:15


I am currently on a years maternity leave, I work in an admin role within the nhs and I requested returning to term time only working upon my return as my daughter has just turned 4.

I put the request in on 6 February, got an acknowledgment email but then heard nothing. On 10 march (more than 28 days later) I sent a reminder email asking if they were dealing with my request. My line manager replied she would chase hr. today she replied saying shed spoken with senior managers and the request was being denied. This is the email

*I have spoken to HR, Manager name and Manager name and unfortunately they have agreed that it is not in the services best interest to agree to term time working at present.

As you know, the office at xxxxx is very short staffed and there is a huge backlog so it just would not be beneficial to the service to allow term time working only.

I'm really sorry it's not the answer you were hoping for.*

There is no mention of my right to appeal, they haven't called me in for a meeting to discuss this with them, one if my colleagues recently left and they haven't recruited to her position yet.

Please help me with where I go from here as I desperately want to appeal or I will have to become a sahm due to the cost of childcare.

BerylStreep Fri 28-Mar-14 13:18:30

Is there any possibility of a compromise? I don't do formal term-time working, however I am still able to take the majority of school holidays off by just taking annual leave / DH takes the odd day / some use of holiday clubs.

Summer holidays are the biggest challenge. We cover the 8 weeks by me taking 3 - 4 weeks annual leave (and ideally I don't take them back to back, or even in week long blocks - I will maybe work 2 days one week, 3 days the next to minimise disruption), my DH takes 2 weeks, and we use holiday clubs for 2-3 weeks (and again, I try to spread these so the DC don't get too worn out).

Most holiday clubs accept childcare vouchers, so that might also help with the cost.

You could perhaps suggest something like this?

Alternative suggestions could be you working some of your hours in the evening or weekends when your OH might be able to look after the DC.

I work reduced hours, usually with a day off once a week, and having that day off means I can be very flexible in terms of responding to emergencies (people off sick etc) and it then means that I can keep my annual leave for the holidays.

I think if you show willing to work with your employer and come up with creative suggestions they might look on it more favourably (although some people are just against flexible working. I had an extremely senior manager say to me that he doesn't agree with PT workers - <arsehole>)

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