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Advice please

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NewChoos Tue 11-Mar-14 19:45:24

We had a quote for some laminate (2 rooms) and we agreed for the work to be done the week before Christmas. A few days before, the builder phoned me and said he only had enough wood for 1 room. So we agreed for the downstairs to be done. This took about 6 hours but wasn't finished as they didn't have the correct material for the door joins and where the floor meets the kitchen tiles. I emailed him the next day and said could they let us know when they could finish the floor but we wanted to cancel the floor upstairs for various reasons. At this point we had already paid 50% of the costs although the room downstairs is much smaller.
He didn't email back for several weeks but then said he had the wood although he could return it if we paid for this. We felt a bit pressurised to go ahead as he now had the wood (although I did think he should have just cancelled the order as I had mailed him in good time). We agreed on a date which he then cancelled the day before. He eventually came round after 2 months to finish the room downstairs and discuss the upstairs room as we didn't want skirtings removed etc. He suggested a date for the other work and we said we'd email to confirm.
But because we weren't really happy with the work (the wood joins are 2 different colours!), and we didn't feel confident with what he had said re the skirtings, I emailed him and said we had decided not to go ahead with the remaining room. He has now said, we have to buy the wood and he will reimburse us once someone else orders it.
I've emailed to say we are not happy with this etc
Could anyone advise? Obviously initially we did want the 2 rooms done, but the service has been pretty poor so not sure where we stand.

Sorry for long email.
Not sure if it's relevant but we don't have any paperwork.
We want to do the right thing and don't want him to be left out of pocket but really the work isn't good enough in our opinion of course.

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