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Contents out of the Hone??

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YubYub Fri 07-Mar-14 12:35:36

Hi all - im new to mn but loving it and it is helping me heaps -
current situation is:
2 kids 12 and 8
divorce went though court in jan 14
HE - is still in the house despite me buying him out
because i don't as yet have my mortgage in place - counting down the days for completion date!!!
its shocking to live together and he won't go until he is off the mortgage and has the �50K -
hes that abusive i've got my mum moving in with me tonight as the closer its getting the worse he is!!!

The question is:
in court he produced a contents list -
however, he is now saying he is not leaving the house without what he wants. items he has not said.
Legally what is he allowed other than what was on the contents list being our sons bedroom furniture, tv and his bed and a large tv, lawn mower and tool box - which i hasent to add - never got used.

Can anyone advise of his entitlement. i was under the impression nothing other than contents list agreed in court!!

Collaborate Fri 07-Mar-14 17:26:05

If the order says what he can take, the only other stuff he's allowed is his personal effects (like clothes, hobby equipment etc).

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