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Mediation documents - Admissibility in Court

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slumberjac Fri 07-Mar-14 09:13:42

Me again! This time I need to know about Mediation documents and their admissibility at court. I attended Mediation with my ex in 2010. He has made many references to what I agreed to in the meetings without actually using the documents. I have three separate documents; the first two are "Mediation Session Record & Summary of Discussions" and they are both marked 'Without Prejudice', so I understand I can't use them. However, the third document - "Statement of Outcome of Mediation for Co-Habitees" - is not marked without prejudice. I am assuming I can therefore use this (although I do understand it isn't legally binding) ? Does anyone have any knowledge in this area?

Many thanks

Collaborate Fri 07-Mar-14 12:01:55

It's without prejudice until both parties solicitors have confirmed in open correspondence that after receiving advice both clients wish to proceed with the deal.

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