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social services and court help please

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confussedmother Wed 05-Mar-14 23:01:00

Hi I have a 4 yr old daughter and a 11 month old son I ad a social worker for section 7 that was fine my daughter with my parents in jun last yr n social took her for medical as they thougt I did it a bruise on her bum n that got closed due to it bein consistaint with a fall n social ave been after my bbies since then october last year my 5 yr old brother inlaw was playin n got to ruff n started messin with my daughters ears n she cried so I told him to get off her n took her to school tht night she had bruises on her ear afta school n nothing was sed so I asked her n she s we'd d she did it herself now told school nxt mornin they foned social services to my daughter out of school to have a medical came bk non accidental n they took them off me now ive been fightin in court had assessments galore n now social dnt want to return them home n neither do cascass as they wont except my 5 yr old bro in law did it n im wonderin wat happens nxt if they give them to my mum for fosterin which shes just passes can I go to court again and appeal or im just so confussed n so teary n scared to go docs just incase tgey use tht against me help please

NanaNina Wed 05-Mar-14 23:29:57

I know you're upset but your post is a bit hard to understand. Are you saying that both your children have been removed by social workers and now there is a court case. Are you a single parent or do you have a partner/husband and if so is he the father of the children.

If the social workers and CAFASS are recommending to the court that they don't feel the children are safe with you, then it is quite likely that the judge will agree. Can I ask do you have a solicitor acting for you, because if not, then you should have, because legal aid is available for court cases like this.

You ask about your mother taking care of the children. The social workers have a duty to consider placing the children with a member of the extended family and this is known as kinship fostercare. If the court make a Care Order, and place the children with your mother, they will only do this if they think that your mother is not going to let you care for them. I know this sounds harsh but that's the way things work. You should still be able to have contact with them and this should be worked out to fit in with the children.

You can appeal against a Care Order but unless your circumstances have changed since the Order was made there won't be much chance of success. How do you feel about your mother caring for your children and is she willing to do so.

Don't worry about being afraid to go to the Drs as this won't be held against you.

Selks Wed 05-Mar-14 23:39:17

I think you should look into getting legal representation - a solicitor. Make sure it is one that specialises in family law. If you are in receipt of benefits or on low income I think you would get legal aid.

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