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Gruesome question

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Princessjonsie Mon 03-Mar-14 18:41:38

I do not get on with my husbands family. I have absolutely nothing to do with them. They live 400 miles away so they have little effect on me at all. Once a year my husband visits for a week to the area in which they live. It's partly for work but he stays with them and kills two birds with one son. My worry is always something will happen to him while he is with them and they will A: not tell me or b: if he died (god forbid) they would not release his body to me and have him either buried in wales or have him cremated and then scatter the ashes or keep them. I'm proberly over thinking it but would hate this to happen. What are my rights as his wife?

greenfolder Mon 03-Mar-14 21:32:53

You are his next of kin-they wouldn't get a say.

LittleBrassPig Mon 03-Mar-14 21:53:07

Not necessarily true green. If something should happen to Princess's DH the hospital staff will take whatever they are told as to who are NoK by his family, who are with him. If someone tells them that he is unmarried and his DM is the next of kin they would not know any different. In an emergency the staff don't have time to start researching it. Since the sharing of hospital/gp records was suspended cross checking is much more difficult.

My DM's friend had this happen in NI. Her H's OW was able to act as NoK even though she wasn't and make medical decisions she had no right to take. Legal action is ongoing.

Princess maybe if your DH is in agreement you could get him to wear one of those emergency bracelets which details any medical issues and NoK contact details? Just when he visits his family perhaps?

sykadelic15 Tue 04-Mar-14 03:23:05

Agreed. Or it might be a good idea, if possible, to update his medical records over there with your information. A recent update date is always good to see! Mightn't hurt for him to put in a negative comment or something in regards to his family dynamic (if possible).

fuckwittery Sun 09-Mar-14 22:11:52

Note in his wallet as to who his next of kin is in case of accident?

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