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Anybody know about computer crime?

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IdontusuallyNC Mon 03-Mar-14 14:48:41

I say computer crime but I think I mean from a troll or cyber stalk type of stance.

I'm trying to be a bit vague so only going into basics.(and its not me doing this I'm just using me as its easier to type like that)

If I fell out with someone whom I had never met would it be a crime to do odd things like try and data mine information about them and members of their family including children and set up a social media page to invite people to post offensive or unplesant messages about them.

If the person I fell out with had a different surname to her children and grandchildren and always had but I was able (somehow) to obtain the details of every name they and she had ever been known by and every business they had been involved in, and posted all their home addresses online. Matching people by using friends lists ect and posting all the details I was able to find along with their pictures despite all the grandchildren and two of the people not using their real names on any social meda.

An example of this would be

(Picture) this is Freda blenkinsop she works here she lives here and she is carol smiths daughter,

Picture this is erol spencer he is 14 so does not work he lives here he is her grandson

Picture this is frank he works here lives here and is her son

Picture this is Cheryl we don't yet know where she lives but she's another daughter (this one was wrong and is no relation at all) here are a few newspaper articles about her (the articles were not actually her) here is her business page.

Two of the people who have had these personal details posted work in the type of jobs where it would be an issue if their home details were known by not very civilised types. This information is known by the people doing it and so far is a source of great amusement.

One of the people posted about is in hiding due to a very significant DV situation and as a result of it so far has had to be moved 3 times.

Every single posting about each person is followed by hundreds of nasty personal comments some quite offensive some just of the people whose details are posted has a significant disability and loads of the comments are piss takes about the disability.

And every single one is accompanied by a request for other people to find more information.

Screen shots exist of everything.

If it is a crime,how do you go about getting the police to take it seriously.

Obviously the groups have been reported to the social media.weirdly how they are going through there pages ect I don't know as the security settings are private and even friends can't see friends lists

I have name changed for this post and am not very great about remembering to change again after changing back so if I don't post often it's because of that.

ouryve Mon 03-Mar-14 14:55:35

Finding and sharing screenshots of information in the public domain is fine in itself (it can be useful when people are working together to track down a trader who has been ripping people off, for example), but when it's happening to the extent you describe, including home addresses, over a falling out (?) then that does amount to harassment. Attacking someone because of a disability is amounts to hate and can be prosecuted, AFAIK.

IdontusuallyNC Mon 03-Mar-14 15:21:20

I'm not aware what the falling out was about. But I do know the person doing this has never met or spoken to anyone being posted about.

I think it's about a difference of opinion in a widespread but small comunity. So nothing even personal think along the lines of the main victim of this consulted on a academic document.

The weirdest thing about it is that whilst images and social media may be in the public domain who those pictures are actually is not.

I.e one persons facebook name is a fake name as is there professional name yet they have been posted up on this group with messages saying this is xyz (real name).

This is also the case for all under 16's involved and at least 2 of the adults.

Only one party had an address in the public domain yet now most of them have been located and had the address posted. A few of them are not even named on the electoral roll

Squirrel14 Mon 03-Mar-14 15:22:51

I would say it was harassment.

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