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Changing locks/handing over keys

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christmasclean Mon 03-Mar-14 07:49:58

I am currently in the process of divorce. Things are un amicable and pretty nasty to be honest. My main reason for divorce is his drink problem/ and verbal abuse.
He has told my daughter he is moving out in 3 weeks.
We know no other details.
Can I get the locks changed or have him hand over all keys once he's vacated.?
Or do I have to wait until absolute?
I wanted to ask here first as running to my solicitor will cost a fortune. If you think that this a case where I need to please tell me

Collaborate Mon 03-Mar-14 09:04:37

If he moves out voluntarily I'd change the locks if I were you. Strictly speaking you're not allowed to exclude him from the property if he's a joint owner, but in practical terms you need your privacy.

FrogbyAnotherName Mon 03-Mar-14 11:00:37

I did what collaberate suggests and changed the locks when my ex moved out - I agreed (through mediation) set times he could come and remove the items he wanted (he was a hoarder, so it took a week).

He got his solicitor to send me a shitty letter saying I wasn't allowed to, my solicitor sent one back explaining that he had had lots of agreed access, he then threatened to smash a window but didn't go through with it - and now, 5 years on, we're reasonably amicable co parents to DD!

christmasclean Mon 03-Mar-14 11:36:27

Yes he has lots of hoarded storage here to, closer the time I will try and speak to him about access arrangements , if we have them set in place I will proceed with lock changing.

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