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Advice on making a will - children/property.

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Whatnamenext Sat 01-Mar-14 19:33:02

Sorry - dry topic.

I've Married DP - I have 2 children. Need to update the will.

If he dies it's really straightforward - it all comes to me (vulgar but true)

If I die, my 6&4yo will go to live with their Dad. He works full time and lives with his partner and her 2yo. All amicable. Currently Contact arrangements as normal - he's a really good dad.

DP and I have a mortgaged property.

Shall I set up a life insurance policy so the children get an allowance (their dad would struggle to 'afford' their childcare costs etc); and then get the property held in trust until what..? What about DP meeting someone else with kids (I'd expect that tbh). My kids can't rock up in 15years and want a slice of the house can they?

Any advice great fully received. We have an appointment with solicitor but would be really grateful to hear other ideas please.

Whatnamenext Sun 02-Mar-14 10:02:36

Anyone please?

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