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Anyone offer advice re. no mention of a planned construction before we bought the house which may now significantly devalue it

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sebsmummy1 Wed 26-Feb-14 15:57:58

Situation is we bought this house in November 2013. Had a conveyancing solicitor deal with the purchase, instructed then to carry out searches etc. Everything went through fine. We knocked 5k off the asking price because the survey throw up a few issues, purchase went through.

Fast forward three months and an envelope pops through the door to the Occupier. I open it and am really shocked to see a newsletter giving updated construction news re. the wind farm that is being built a few fields away between our village and the next. Obviously we knew nothing about this at all.

Having done some research it transpires that this was given the go ahead in 2012. Initially it was rejected and then on appeal went through. They are now in phase two of construction with the final completion date being given as Autumn this year.

My partner has approached the solicitor asking why this wasn't shown in the searches and the solicitor has said the onus lay with the Vendor to have informed us when he submitted his paperwork. To this end the solicitor is now writing to the Vendor's solicitor.

Does anyone have any opinion on whether we should have been informed and by whom? This has the potential to devalue our house by between 8 and 25% according to the Governments own official figures.

Thank you

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