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County Court Judgment. Getting the money.

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Terrortree Mon 24-Feb-14 22:40:50

Today I went to the Small Claims court and I was awarded quite a bit of money. The defendent didn't turn up and did not forewarn the judge that he wasn't coming. I had sent him my prosecution evidence two weeks before the trial so it's not like he couldn't know that this was going ahead.

I asked the judge what happens but he spoke rather fast and I got the impression that questions on process weren't welcome. He did say I could call in the bailiffs today if I wanted. I'm a bit reluctant to do this immediately because the defendant has previously been threatening and knows where I live and where I store property.

However, assuming the court will send a copy of the judgment to him, he could then hide his assets.

So I suppose my question is: should I just call the bailiffs and risk it, or can I sit on this for a while to protect my property and health?

prh47bridge Tue 25-Feb-14 00:22:49

Sitting on it won't make any difference. If he doesn't pay you will have to take action to enforce the judgement or give up on getting your money. You could report the threats to the police.

nickymanchester Tue 25-Feb-14 08:18:06

Rather than bailiffs, if the amount is more than £600 then you can get it enforced in the High Court.

High Court Enforcement Officers are generally more successful in recovering money than county court bailiffs are.

One thing to mention though, if the debtor doesn't have any assets or money then you're unlikely to get anything.

Terrortree Tue 25-Feb-14 11:37:53

Thanks Nicky - that's brilliant! That's exactly what I need to do and the judgment was for several thousand pounds. He has assets. I didn't realise I could get them involved at all so I shall start the paperwork today.

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