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Advice re non refund from online company

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Flapdoodles Sun 23-Feb-14 09:28:17

I used an online company who sell web based products (not sure if I am allowed to say who so will not). I purchased a tablet which arrived, was opened by my daughter on Christmas day and having originally charged up was very poor quality and then we had difficulty re charging and using. I followed the companies code for returns, the tablet was signed for by the merchant on the 13th January and despite emails assuring me of a refund, I have still not received any money.

The amount is £57.24 so not a huge amount but I am getting really cross that they have my money and no one is now answering emails or the telephone. I have checked the merchant out online and Facebook is full of complaints the same as mine. I know the merchant is still trading as another online company have been selling their tablets this last week. Is anyone able to advise me as to my next step please?

prh47bridge Sun 23-Feb-14 09:45:00

You need to write to them giving them a deadline to return your money and telling them you will take legal action if they fail to do so. Once the deadline has passed you will be able to start action in the small claims court. You won't need a solicitor for that.

Having said that, it sounds as if the company involved may be about to go under. If that is the case there is no point taking legal action. If they can't pay I'm afraid you won't get your money back (or at best you will only get a proportion of it back) so there is no point spending extra money on going to court to chase it.

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