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Our neighbours built a house when they only have planning permission for mobile home.

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hayleybop Mon 17-Feb-14 15:14:39

Hi, we are lucky that we own our home. We used to live in a truck for many years and now we have children we bought a house on a common in the country side. There are 6 other neighbouring houses on our common, well actually 7 now as our neighbour has built another one directly next to ours.
The house next door and 6 acres of land was sold 2 years ago as the old boy died so his wife sold up. A new family with two children moved in the house but also brought with then there in laws who lived in a caravan.
They applied for planning permission to build a house on a greenfield site which was turned down as it is a World Heritage site. Lots of reasons why they couldn't build, another reason as the common opens up on to a main road and the highways authority said it was too dangerous.
The inlaws carried on living in there caravan for another 6 months which we then complained as it is illegal to live in a caravan. We complained as next to our house is a track which they used all the time, more traffic outside our house. Our house is next to the track. The farmer uses it twice a day and the postman. For 8 blissful years we have had tranquility. Now it's a constant stream of traffic with there in laws and friends and family constantly driving past our house to where they have kept there caravan, which I may add is next to our house not the families house which is about 20 meters away! We never used to have curtains in a our kitchen or middle room as no one ever came past. They are about all the time as they are retired.
So they applied again for planning permission but this time ancillary accommodation. this is accommodation say like a granny annex.
This planning was approved on the condition it stayed mobile and it was only for the members of the family.
Firstly we did not receive a letter off the Council about the planning permission, we contacted the Council with and received an apology.
The in laws have built a 3 bedroom house, chopped down trees that owls nest in and maybe even bats. They have knocked down Cornish hedges. They have really upset us as they have not considered or even asked for our opinion.
Now planning enforcement has stopped them working on there house for 13 weeks! As we made an official complaint.
They have broken a condition for it to be mobile.
They have falsely filled out the planning application which is misleading and fraud. We feel anxious as we do not want a new house to ours when it clearly should be a mobile house. It is now a permanent structure. What if they break the rules in the future and sell it on or it becomes a holiday accommodation or is rented out to who knows!
Where does this leave us. I feel the planning and councillors involved must be corrupt for this to happen.
What happens if 13 weeks up and they can carry on building.
Please any ideas would help. I know there are far worse issues out there but if anyone can give me some advice I would be very greatful.

Patchouli Mon 17-Feb-14 22:08:33

Sounds awful.
Sorry, no advice, but the bump might help.

Tbh though, some of these mobile home / chalet things you can get nowadays that count as non permanent are pretty much bungalows. So it looks like you're going to be lumbered with them if they are allowed a mobile dwelling.

prh47bridge Mon 17-Feb-14 22:10:24

I'm not sure why you think the planning department and the councillors are corrupt. Your neighbours have broken the conditions of their planning permission and the council have taken enforcement action. I'm not sure what else you expected to happen.

I'm not an expert on planning law but my understanding is that the notice to your neighbours won't simply tell them to stop working for 13 weeks. It will have laid down some conditions and told them they have 13 weeks to comply with those conditions. If they fail to comply the council can take them to court. They cannot simply carry on building.

Lovelybunchofcocopops Fri 21-Feb-14 21:32:52

I have no direct advice for your circumstances, BUT, you could contact your local councillor and ask them to explain the notice, and what should happen next/what you can do to state your issues.
They were v helpful in for me in a planning matter.

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