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Dodgy Garage, Car Repairs, Long and Complex!

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Bigbrassband Sun 16-Feb-14 09:41:47

This goes back a couple of months so I will attempt to keep it simple and in chronological order:

Saw car online, was for sale in local bodywork repair shop. Took it for a test drive, seemed to need a lot of acceleration but I didn't think much of it for these reasons:
1. I am a layperson, not experienced with cars as only passed my test 1 year ago
2. I was going from a car with a large engine to a this car, which had a smaller engine.

So I bought the car, it drove "ok" but I would really have to accelerate to get any movement out of it.

1 week later, the clutch "went" on a roundabout and I could not get into gear. The garage that sold it to me collected it to check it over.

Here's where the fun starts.
According to the garage owner I had destroyed the clutch by "slipping" it. Now I had driven it only 100 miles (I know as had reset the counter when I purchased the car). I have never had a problem with the clutch on my previous car and do not believe it is a problem with my driving style. My further reading has led me to believe that the clutch was on it's way out when I bought it and this is what was leading to the clutch slipping and the excess acceleration needed to achieve speed increase.

I complained to the garage, they laughed(!!!!) at me and told me my 3 month warranty was worthless and I had caused the fault myself.
I spoke to my DF (dad) as he had helped me with some funds to purchase the car.
This is where it gets worse!
My DF took it upon himself to go to the garage and speak to the owner. The owner tells him that I have destroyed the clutch through bad driving, and also "Got his back up" by coming into the office and looking annoyed...well what does he expect? My DF is suffering cancer and cannot deal with stress and conflict, so paid up for an entire new clutch to be fitted. I do not know how much this cost and frankly am appalled that the garage allowed this to be done, as the car is in my name, and I as the legal owner did not authorise any repairs whatsoever.

Thanks to anyone who has read to the end of this. For what it is worth, the car now drives very well and I have gone over 1400 miles in it and had no clutch trouble...surely if I could destroy a clutch in 100 miles, it would be ground to a fine dust by now?

Where do you think I stand legally? Did the garage act illegally by taking on repairs unauthorised by the owner? Would my DF also get in trouble if I were to take things further?

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